Ockwells Meat Company

Ockwells Meat Company offers private farmers, farm shops and any keepers of livestock the service of having their livestock slaughtered in an approved premises, health-marked and returned back ready for the butchers shop.

Our ‘private’ day is on a Tuesday and all carcases can be collected on the Wednesday or delivered to a butcher on our route for 8p/kg on the deadweight of the carcases. This can all be discussed when you call us to book your livestock in.

Slaughter & dressing charges, inclusive of levies, charges and VAT are:

  • Cattle £95.00 (returned in Qtrs)
  • Pigs   £23.00 (whole or split)
  • Lambs/Sheep £17.00 (no charge for older sheep splitting)
  • Sows/Boars/Large pigs(110kg+ deadweight) £35.00
  • Calves up to 60kg £20.00
  • Calves up to 150kg £36.50
  • Calves over 150kg are charged at Cattle price

A basic pig/sheep butchery service is also available, please call for details.

Cattle over 30 months of age require the vertebral column to be removed. This can be discussed in detail when you call to book the livestock in.

Pig AML (Animal Movement Licence) & FCI (Food Chain Information) can now be completed online with ease at www.eaml2.org.uk

For more information please call us on 01252 544 159